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Del Mar Child Custody Attorney

Are you dealing with a child support, custody or visitation issue? Del Mar Child Custody Lawyer and Child Support Attorney Jeffrey Novack is an expert in family law matters, and he can help you create lasting solutions. With 30+ years of experience, Attorney Novack brings a caring, compassionate approach to resolving these complex and highly sensitive issues. Preserving the parent-child relationship through difficult times is often the highest priority of our clients.

Del Mar Attorney Jeffrey Novack has earned certification by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization as a Specialist in Family Law Matters. He is recognized as having a deep understanding of these matters. He has completed additional legal training which helps in obtaining the best possible outcome for each case. Novack Law Offices serves clients in Del Mar, in North San Diego County, and throughout California.

Child-related issues after a divorce or legal separation require deep consideration. Attorney Jeffrey Novack can help you gain insight into your rights and obligations in matters involving children. Decisions on child custody, child visitation and child support issues not only impact you and your children. Your entire family, your financial outlook, and your future are affected by these long-term decisions.

Call Del Mar Attorney Jeffrey Novack to schedule your consultation. We offer this initial consultation at no charge. Mr. Novack can evaluate your situation and answer your questions about child support, child custody and child visitation.

Child Custody and Child Visitation Attorney

Del Mar Child Custody Lawyer Child Custody Attorney Jeffrey Novack understands these matters are often a point of contention between parents who have separated or divorced. Each may want maximum time with the child, while also managing the demands of a new lifestyle. Or, there may be other matters involved such as domestic violence or “move-away” issues. While the court considers many factors in determining child custody, it requires a solution that is in the child’s best interests.

California law recognizes two types of custody: physical custody and legal custody. The actual location in which the child resides is considered physical custody. The manner in which important decisions are made about a child’s welfare is considered legal custody. Time sharing between parents is common. It is also possible for one parent to retain full custody.

When parents cannot agree on custody arrangements, the court decides the matter. Child Custody Lawyer Jeffrey Novack will advocate for your side to achieve an outcome that is in your child’s best interests. Often, the court requires input from a child custody evaluator. In this situation, a mental health professional conducts interviews with involved parties and makes recommendations to the court. Del Mar Attorney Jeffrey Novack can guide you through this procedure to ensure this process is effective and efficient.

Child Support Lawyer

Del Mar Child Support Attorney

The state uses a formula to determine the amount of child support to be paid. The calculation depends on numerous factors, including the income of each parent, earning potential, tax status, insurance expenses, childcare costs, custody arrangements and other deductible expenses.

Child Support Attorney Jeffrey Novack can advocate for your interests. He can help establish child support and he can also fight for your rights against a child support request. As an expert in this field, he has the depth of experience to provide skilled legal guidance while working to ensure your child’s needs are maintained.

Our office is also prepared to fight for your rights in the collection of child support payments. Child Support Enforcement Attorney Jeffrey Novack aggressively pursues payment for you. He can utilize wage garnishment or liens on the non-paying parent’s assets.

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Novack Law Offices helps represents clients in Del Mar with personalized, experienced legal services. Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack is a Certified Family Law Specialist who can protect your interests in family law matters, including child custody matters and child support cases.

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