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Types of Divorce

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Child-Related Issues

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Family Law Issues

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      Encinitas Family Law & Divorce Attorney

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      Encinitas Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Novack offers affordable legal services customized to the unique needs of each client. Is a divorce in your future? Has your spouse served you with divorce papers? Are you facing any kind of family law issue? Contact our full-service family law firm today for skilled legal guidance. We are here to help create a better life for you and your family.

      As a Certified Specialist, Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack is an expert in these matters. He is certified by the California State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization and is a recognized authority in family law and divorce matters. From offices in Encinitas and Temecula, Novack Law Offices primarily serves clients in North County San Diego and Southwest Riverside County.

      As a family law dispute resolution expert, Mr. Novack understands ending a marriage is difficult for everyone involved. Not only is a couple closing a period of intimate emotional connection, there are other family matters requiring deep consideration. Property needs to be divided, and decisions must be made for your children’s benefit.

      These decisions are burdensome in the of best circumstances, and divorce is often characterized by hardship and confusion that can cloud judgement. That’s why it is essential to have representation and expertise to safeguard your interests and provide compassionate advice when you need it most.

      Contact Novack Law Offices and discuss your family law situation with Encinitas Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack during a free consultation. Call (760) 942-1144 for an honest evaluation, answers to your pressing questions, and skilled advice on how to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

      Family Law Attorney in Encinitas, CA

      Encinitas & Temecula Family Law Attorney - Novack Law Offices

      Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack has been practicing divorce law for more than 30 years. His caring and professional services are tailored to your specific circumstances and provide you with unmatched familiarity with California’s laws and requirements.

      No matter where you are in the process, it is important to have a strong legal advocate who represents your interests and helps you navigate through the necessary steps. We make this as stress-free and easy as possible.

      Choose the Right Service for Your Needs

      Temecula Family Law Lawyer and Encinitas Divorce Attorney Jeffrey Novack partners with you to achieve your goals. Our family law firm specializes in the following areas.

      When Ending a Marriage:
      Divorce – We offer caring advice to help you face the tough decisions required in divorce. Our goal is a rewarding outcome that allows you to pursue new goals and opportunities.
      Divorce Mediation – When divorcing spouses can reach amicable decisions, an experienced attorney can help find the best outcome for the family.
      Limited Scope Representation – In these unbundled legal services, we can handle some parts of a case for you within your budget.

      When Children are Involved:
      Child Custody – Preserving your relationship with your children is likely the most important aspect of your family law matter.
      Child Support – For separating parents with children, securing an appropriate child support amount is of great importance.

      Financial Considerations:
      Enforcement & Collections – There are several ways to enforce the collection of child support or spousal support payments.
      High Asset Divorce – Dividing shared property, investments, significant assets or debts requires informed decisions due to the possible tax implications.
      Property Division – Securing an order for the appropriate division of property can help you transition past this difficult period.
      Spousal Support – Orders for spousal support are intended to maintain the financial status quo between the time of filing for divorce and the final order or judgment.

      Other Family Law Matters:
      Domestic Violence – Whether it is the catalyst for divorce, or it is a development within the divorce, domestic violence cannot be tolerated.
      Ex Parte Temporary Orders – In emergency situations, these orders may preserve a community asset, establish child custody arrangements, or address financial needs.
      Paternity – Both parents have the right to be part of their child’s life and a duty to provide the financial care the child needs.
      Prenuptial Agreements – We help you create a document outlining the way assets are to be handled in the event of divorce, legal separation, or death.

      Save Money and Get the Advice You Need

      Even if your divorce is fairly straightforward or you hope to address the process in a cost-effective way, it is still beneficial to have a law firm on your side to provide the limited services and guidance that you may need.

      Contact our Family Law Expert Today

      We offer affordable services that are customized to your circumstances. We offer payment options to meet your needs. Call Encinitas and Temecula Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack at (760) 942-1144 to learn more about how our legal practice can provide the right services to protect your interests and achieve your goals.